Claudio Toscani

My Expertise:

  • Organizational Consulting & Workshop Moderation
  • Management Development
  • Individual and Team Coaching

We are increasingly faced with the challenge of having to manage a multitude of tasks within limited time and energy. The pressure to implement an increasing number of changes within shorter timeframes. All while achieving higher performance with fewer employees, results in the sensation of living in an ever-accelerating, frantic lifestyle

Most methods to counteract this show only limited effectiveness. While traditional coaching focuses on personal development, we often encounter limitations when it comes to translating these insights into practice. On the other hand, trainings solely concentrate on external behaviour and often neglect the inner aspect, which can lead to a lack of reflection and insight.

There is a crucial missing link between the inner and outer aspects of the game. Yet precisely this connection is crucial for long-term and sustainable change. The aim is to harmoniously align the inner game - your attitude, personality, and motives - with the outer game - your behaviour and competencies. Only when these dimensions merge can we experience real transformation and success.

As a coach and trainer, I concentrate not only on where my clients want to go but also on supporting them throughout their journey. By nurturing a symbiosis of inner growth and outer success, I empower my clients to undergo comprehensive development. Remember: it is our personality that shapes our personal reality, through our thoughts, feelings, and actions. It's not an outside-in system but an inside-out system.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said, "Nothing is within, nothing is without; for what is inside is also outside." It's a statement about the interconnectedness of the inner and outer worlds, suggesting that what exists within a person also manifests in the external realm. It is your personality that creates your personal reality.

You have the ability to align your goals and your path with your North Star to lead a fulfilling life. Stay focused, motivated, and patient with yourself on this journey. You have the potential to achieve your dreams and live a life that is in harmony with your purpose and goals.

On your journey, my nudges support you in translating your goals into action. These are small, intensive training sessions and methods designed to help promote your development. This includes fact sheets, worksheets and tests, tailored to your individual needs and goals

About me:      

I am married, have a 19-year-old daughter and live in the western part of Munich. I am the owner and managing director of PPQ-IT GmbH, with an office located in Munich.

Diploma in Industrial Engineering, with 30 years of professional experience in Hamburg, Paris, Munich, and Rome. Among others, serving as Vice President at Software AG and Managing Director at IDS Scheer Srl. | Certified Systemic Team Coach (cSTC) | certified Change Manager (Steinbeis Ifem) certified Business Moderator (dgfMod) | certified Face Reading Coach (WIU) | aggregated consultant Federal Office of Economics and Export Control | aggregated coach at UnternehmerTUM (TU Munich)

Selection of references: EDEKA, Rituals, Mobil KK Health Insurance, Aequitas Software, BellaDati, Tacterion, Active Nutrition International, COLLIN Lab & Pilot Solutions, Precisely Software, Mobil ISC

I have facilitated 100+ workshops as a moderator, with up to 250 participants. A focus industry due to my career as a leader is the IT and consulting sector. One of the main focuses of my expertise lies in crisis management, leveraging personal and social resources to turn crises into opportunities for personal growth. My daily rate for workshop moderation is 2,500 EUR excluding VAT & travel expenses. Pre- and post-preparation as per agreement, with a reduced daily rate.Dive into the journey of discovery to align your passions and abilities with the world around you. Together, we'll uncover answers in places you haven't looked before. Take the first step and give it a try!

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